Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Give a Gift at Walt Disney World Florida

Any trip to Walt Disney World is special, but for those extra special moments and celebrations, there are the Gift services, which deliver the magic right to your chosen recipient, be it in their hotel room, or right to them in the park.

Walking into your hotel room at Disney is a magical experience in itself, but when it is decorated and adorned with gifts right from your recipient’s imagination, it makes for an exceptional memory to keep for years. Whether it be a princesses’ first visit to Disney, a special family members birthday, or a magical anniversary, decorations cater to many different celebrations and are all unique.

While in the parks, having dinner at a restaurant, or another location, a gift basket can be delivered, filled with Disney magic, all suited to the recipient’s favourite Disney characters/movies.

Disney Gift Cards give you the chance to give the gift of magic, in terms of a magical Disney dinner, or other events, and allows the recipient to choose when to use their experience, around their busy Disney holiday.

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Julie Myers said...

It sounds really great to be able to give gifts from Disney World! I know that my kids love going to Disney to meet their characters and to ride the rides. I would love to be able to get gift baskets delivered so that they will have really nice gifts while on our trip! How can I get good gift baskets sent, because I want to make sure that my kids really love them! http://www.memoriesbybetsy.com