Tuesday, 29 March 2011

So much to do at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Close to the entrance is ‘The Oasis’ an African themed tropical garden area with pathways where you can see, Tree Kangaroos, Chinese deer, Giant Ant Eaters, birds streams and waterfalls.

‘Discovery Island Trails’ offers a wonderful atmosphere to walk on jungle pathways surrounded by exotic wildlife, with a chance to observe and take photos.

Experience a real safari without the danger, by going on ‘Kilimanjaro Safaris’ where you can see African wildlife close up and pretend you are really there.

‘Pangani Forest Exploration Trail’ is a tropical walkway with gorillas, exotic birds hippos, and other wildlife.

The Conservation Station, is where you can learn about animal care and conservation from the animal handlers as they go about their work.

There is also fun for children at the petting zoo, with friendly domesticated animals.

At ‘Rafiki’s’ planet you can watch the Tamarin monkeys play, as you walk the adventure trail.

The ‘Wildlife Express Train’ which is at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, is an African train that takes you through areas where the animals live and are cared for. The journey is 1-2 miles. Suitable for all ages.

Visit the tiger’s compound at ‘Maharajah Jungle trek’ with exotic birds and animals in an atmospheric Asian land.

‘Expedition Everest’ can also be found at ‘Asia’ a thrill ride for older kids and adults.

If you want cooling down, there is water ride called ‘Kali River Rapids’ for older children and adults. Not just a ride but a scenic adventure raft experience.

At ‘Dinoland USA’. The ‘Cretaceous Trail’ will take you to a fossil dig site where you can learn about animals that have been around since prehistoric times. View ‘Dino-Sue’ a replica of a dinosaur found in South Dakota from 67million years ago. There is an outdoor area for fun and games with the dinosaur theme and a children’s playground called the ‘Boneyard’ with a maze, tunnels and sand for excavating fossils.

For the older kids and adults there is the thrill ride ‘Dinosaur’ also ‘Primeval Whirl’ which is a wild ride of fun fair style. ‘TriceraTop Spin’ another ride for smaller kids in mind but fun for all ages to fly on a dinosaur.

You can’t miss the ‘Tree of Life’ at the heart of Animal Kingdom. It has pathways to wander around it and look up at its splendour. Look closely at the tree to spot many animals delicately carved into it.

This is just a few of the amazing attractions on offer at Animal Kingdom. There is a lot more to do, there are shows, exploring clubs, greeting trails with Mickey and Minnie mouse and there are Disney characters scattered around the park to make your day complete.

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